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 JPFix is committed to providing our customers with
 the photo retouching, enhancement, manipulation and restoration services
 with hi-end quality and lower the average rate level in the market.
JPFix innovative computer technology and special equipment provide
 fast and effective
noise suppression, brightness/color correction, emphasis
 and skin enhancement
without or with minimal involving of the manual job.
The skin improvement is our revolution technology, which allows to remove, or visibly reduce undesirable imperfections like acne, acne scars and sun damaged skin, uneven pigmentation and freckles, varicose veins and cellulite, leaving skin look natural and healthy.
 It ensures the professional level enhanced photos for the lowest price.
 You may choose from our digital image processing services the one more suitable for your individual needs:

Automatic Retouching:

Provides efficient improvement in good quality digital photography using fully automatic high-speed image enhancement.

Advanced Retouching:

Provides a professional edge for digital photos combined with high-speed noise suppression, brightness and color correction, emphasis and skin enhancement. Every category of enhancement has several different levels.

Customized Retouching and Restoration:

   Provides Hi-end professional digital image enhancement, retouching
 or restoration based upon the customerís instructions.

 Digital Photo Retouching & Enhancement Service


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